Weekend Roadtrip To Colorful Colorado

What do you do when your best friend turns twenty-one? Duh. You take a road trip to Denver. After twelve long hours across four states in a Nissan Altima Coupe, we finally arrived in the Centennial State. It was my turn to drive when we crossed the New Mexico/Colorado border and I had never seen something so beautiful. We were surrounded by flat planes, with no trees … Continue reading Weekend Roadtrip To Colorful Colorado

A Day in Florence

A spontaneous, four-hour road trip to Florence, Italy in the bitter cold of January sounds like a good idea, right? Fortunately for me, it was. Four Italians. One American. Zero English. Well, we did have google translate, but that only goes so far. The thing I remember most about Florence was how alive it felt. It was early January, so the Christmas lights were still hanging. It … Continue reading A Day in Florence