Coffee Shops

What is it about coffee shops that pulls us in? It’s not the hand-crafted coffees, although that is always a perk. It can’t be the playlist or the cute café tables with a single flower and sunshine shining down on them. There’s got to be something more. In a coffee shop, there are so many unique…

Spring is Here!

Thank you again to the wonderful Lexi Glows Photography!  

Cue Chicano Batman

Her lipstick’s black, and she no longer smiles at all. – Chicano Batman Thank you to my dear friend Lexi for supplying this lovely outfit and taking these wonderful photos! For your photography needs, click here

Just Buy the Damn Pants

If you’re a young girl in the United States (and probably many other places in the world) then you know that we have been taught our whole lives that we have to fit into a certain box – whether it’s having the nicest clothes, newest phone or smallest waist. This is a very unfortunate thing,…

Sometimes You Can’t Go Back

Sometimes you can’t go back. You can’t go back to that relationship, to that friendship, to that version of yourself. Things happen; a breakup, a fight, someone moves away or maybe you’re just simply too busy to see one another. So, you learn to live without them. Slowly, little by little, things start to change….

The Odyssey

Do you ever see a picture of yourself from a few months ago, or even a year, and you feel like it’s from a different lifetime? Like, you almost can’t recognize the person in the photo even though you still wear the same face? It’s like looking through the tired eyes of someone who has…

Fresh Cut

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When a Woman Cuts Her Hair

When a woman changes her hair, whether it’s new bangs, subtle highlights, or in my case, a pixie cut, it usually means whatever she was doing before just isn’t getting the job done anymore. Most women would agree that hair is not something to be messed with. That’s why when we go in for a…

¿Qué Soy?

Una cara sin reconocimiento La boca sin voz Una lengua del pasado La piel quemada del sol Con piernas, fuertes y desgastadas Orejas que oyen el grito de hambre Con manos indefensas y atadas Ojos que lloran por el pobre Soy la mente que anhela la educación Pies para llevarme a prosperidad Soy el ceño…