Sometimes You Can’t Go Back

Sometimes you can’t go back.

You can’t go back to that relationship, to that friendship, to that version of yourself.

Things happen; a breakup, a fight, someone moves away or maybe you’re just simply too busy to see one another. So, you learn to live without them.

Slowly, little by little, things start to change. At first, you’re really sad, lonely even. You feel like something is missing or like you have no one to talk to anymore. And maybe you don’t. But, you adjust and without knowing; you move on. They stop being at the front of your mind as you find other ways to occupy your time and before you realize it, you’re whole without them.

This could happen in a matter of days, weeks or even months. Maybe your feelings never changed – you still love them, you still miss them, you may even want to turn back the clock to a better time, but when you think of walking that path again, it just seems so foreign and maybe impossible.

Don’t force it.

Don’t force yourself into a situation simply because you feel obligated, or maybe that you owe it to them. Even if you feel at blame for the distance, or the change of heart, you will never be the same person again. We are constantly changing, evolving, and growing. Whatever box you fit in before, you don’t belong to it anymore, and it doesn’t belong to you.

Free your heart of all hard feelings or bad blood, because it is only then that you will find peace with the situation and with yourself. You may even realize you actually enjoy your own company.

“There’s only one thing more precious than our time and that’s who we spend it on.” – Leo Christopher

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  1. Ricardo Cáceres says:

    Deep & wise. Love it.

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