When a Woman Cuts Her Hair

When a woman changes her hair, whether it’s new bangs, subtle highlights, or in my case, a pixie cut, it usually means whatever she was doing before just isn’t getting the job done anymore. Most women would agree that hair is not something to be messed with. That’s why when we go in for a trim and the hairdresser takes off three inches, the world seems to come to an end; or, when our roots just barely begin to grow out we are back in the chair begging our stylists to bring us back to civilization. Usually a woman’s hair is a direct reflection of how she’s feeling inside, so it’s very common for women to make drastic changes to their hair after a breakup, a life-changing experience or maybe even boredom; but, it rarely goes without reason.



So, how does a girl go about chopping off the locks? And what are the thoughts, feelings and repercussions following the big change? Below are the most commonly asked questions I experienced in the weeks after the cut.

Why did you do it?

For starters, aren’t we all as a society tired of other people’s’ idea of ‘pretty’ or ‘attractive’ being forced upon us? Have we not evolved enough as a people to be able to wear our

Lexi Glows Photography

hair how we would like without worrying about the opinions of others?

For me, the answer is yes.

Cutting my hair was my way of taking a risk that I couldn’t come back from and regardless of the outcome, I was going to love it simply because I had the courage to do it. I had no idea if I was going to look like ‘boy’ or Shirley Temple, but it didn’t matter. I brought the crazy idea to life and chose to live with the consequences. Luckily, it was the ‘new beginning’ I was looking for.


Were you scared?


And I think my hairdresser was, too.

My entire body was surging with adrenaline, excitement, anxiety and fear. But it was exhilarating; I knew I was about to change how I saw myself and the world around me because I was no longer going to walk in the image of every other female before me. I was taking ‘the road less traveled by’ in the best way possible and it was hard to sit still as the scissors sheared my hair away. With each cut I felt the weight of my hair disappearing but I refused to look until it was gone. My eyes grew wide and the pile of hair on the floor grew tall.


Do you like it?/How does it feel?



It’s like looking into the mirror and finally recognizing the woman looking back at me. I felt invincible and liberated from all social norms and expectations of me and my appearance. For my whole life I have always felt different from others, and now my hair is finally in sync with that notion.




Are you going to grow it back out?





But, for now I’m going to enjoy this fierce look without concerning myself with who is on board with that idea or not.



Do you miss your long hair?


img_2878But only when I think of how fun it was to french braid my hair, or maybe when the winter breeze touches my neck and I long for that extra barrier to keep me warm.

However, I do not miss the excessive amount of time it took to brush that thick, curly mess. Nor do I miss the small dreads that formed in the back of my head if I decided not to brush it one day. I enjoy the ability to ‘towel-dry and go’ far too much to miss the hours it took to brush, dry and style those long, tangled locks.

So as a reflection of the experience of cutting all my hair off and as an insight to those of you who have considered changing things up but fear what others might think: take the risk. Besides, it’s just hair. It will grow back.

Below is a moment of pure joy. 



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  1. Vanessa says:

    I loved it ❤ all that’s true!! I cut my hair… not regrets!!

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