The Beginning

  "A writer, I think, is someone who pays attention to the world." - Susan Sontag So. Here it goes. The world we live in is an incredible place. It is something beyond our comprehension. There is beauty in every detail - the songs being sang as the sun rises, the subtle smile between strangers... Continue Reading →

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Weekend Roadtrip To Colorful Colorado

What do you do when your best friend turns twenty-one? Duh. You take a road trip to Denver. After twelve long hours across four states in a Nissan Altima Coupe, we finally arrived in the Centennial State. It was my turn to drive when we crossed the New Mexico/Colorado border and I had never seen something so... Continue Reading →

Beach, Please.

  Exploring a new country is a mix of excitement and anxiety, and most of the time, you can't distinguish between the two. However, Costa Rica made it pretty easy to relax and just enjoy the ride. Costa Rica has no shortage of things to do between the range of volcanoes, labyrinth of rivers, and... Continue Reading →

El Título Va Aquí

A veces en esta vida conocemos una persona que cambia todo, una persona que desafía las partes más profundas de ti, y reemplaza los sentimientos de soledad y ansiedad con ambición y fuerza.  ¿Quién sabía que alguien con ojos oscuros, pero pensativos y llenos de conocimiento podía ver mi alma como un amigo viejo? O ¿Cómo... Continue Reading →

A Day in Florence

A spontaneous, four-hour road trip to Florence, Italy in the bitter cold of January sounds like a good idea, right? Fortunately for me, it was. Four Italians. One American. Zero English. Well, we did have google translate, but that only goes so far. The thing I remember most about Florence was how alive it felt. It was... Continue Reading →

Five Travel Tips for Beginners

Are you someone looking to travel? Are you on a limited budget? Are you unsure of how to get started?  Let me share with you some things that may help. The thought of traveling is exciting, but for many people it is scary. It's crossing the bridge (or ocean) to the unknown. You never know... Continue Reading →

The ‘Burgh

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.   Probably most known for being the home of the Steelers. For me, it was the first 'big city' I ever went to. I was eighteen, fresh out of high school and ready for adventure. So, when your friends ask you if you want to go on a fifteen hour road-trip to Pennsylvania,... Continue Reading →

Two Ukes Take On Costa Rica

Two best friends + Two little ukuleles = Four weeks of adventure     When I decided to bring my ukulele on my trip to Costa Rica this summer, I had no idea the impact it would have on me. I simply thought that I was bringing it in case I had some extra time... Continue Reading →

New Years in Rome

                                                         Tre! Due! Uno! BUON ANNO! I wish I could say that I spent my New Year's celebration partying the night away in a crowd of people in... Continue Reading →

Under the Roman Pines

Italia. The country that stole my heart. How is it possible that I felt so at home in a place where I couldn't speak the language? I'll tell you how. Sometimes, we don't need words to connect to people. Sometimes all it takes is smile, a kind gesture, or the famous cheek-kisses every time someone... Continue Reading →

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